The Vernissage for TEFAF…WOW!

This is my third year attending the European Fine Art Fair in Maastricht and my second year attending the grand opening or “Vernissage”. If you are a fan of great art, fabulous food and the “best people watching ever” you would love this event. I wondered if there was any other event anywhere in the world that could compare so I asked several of the more important well traveled dealers their opinion. Everyone of them smiled and quickly shook their head and said no. TEFAF in Maastricht is special.








It is an art show, a gourmet feast, a fashion show and who’s who of the art world all rolled in to one. Where else can you admire impeccably dressed people and look over their shoulder at an incredible Kandinsky  and be momentarily distracted by someone handing you a glass of champagne and a plate of smoked salmon. Then you wander over to that amazing Kandinsky (see below) and sip your champagne as the gallerist tells you when it was done, why it is important as they mention that it used to be in Diego Rivera’s personal collection and when you ask, they politely tell you that it is 7 million euros as if they are talking to Bill Gates. They love what they do and it shows and by the way, the scene I just described to you is as it happened to me and that was 15 minutes of the 5 days I spent in the show.

Author: Paul Parker

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    • Nothing too fancy. Just a nice shirt and a sport coat with expensive shiny shoes. You know that, “I am very rich, but I dress very casual” look. The important thing is not to flinch when they say 7 million euros. Just nod and act like that is about what you expected for a Kandinsky of that quality.

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  1. Keep the blogs coming. Glad you are having such a great experience

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  2. Gotta love that Oyster guy and buckets — just brilliant — yes clearly there is quite a bit of love and passion on display, delightfully refreshing to witness — you are a lucky man Paul, keep the imagery coming!….the woman wearing those black lace stockings and peach shoes must have a story or two to tell..write on brother!

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    • The Oyster guys were pretty cool and you are right Anthony, the love and passion and beauty from Picasso to the peach shoes seemed infinite. .

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