Amsterdam 2020

I am safe and sound in Amsterdam, but I have had my usual bout with jet lag that seems to get worse with my age. It is difficult to come from Santa Fe and suddenly tell your body that you know it is 11 PM in Santa Fe, but it is time to get up and have breakfast where you are. Do not misunderstand me. I am in Amsterdam and I am loving it. Saturday night I went to the Concert hall or Concertgebouw in Amsterdam and listened to the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra perform Beethoven’s 5th or let’s just say that went to a concert hall recognized as one of the most beautiful and acoustically perfect in the world and listened to one of the top 5 symphony orchestras in the world perform the most famous composition by one of the world’s greatest composers ever. It was unforgettable and will simply go down as one of my most memorable cultural experiences ever. Jet lag and Corona virus be damed. They cannot ever take that away from me.








The food in Amsterdam is unique and you have to look hard to find traditional food. The reason is that during the Dutch Golden Age, which covered the 1600’s, their trade, science, military, and art were among the most acclaimed in the world. All those ships traveling to the East Indies bringing all of that wealth to the Netherlands through the spice trade also brought back the food from Indonesia and other exotic places around the world and most of the restaurants in Amsterdam do not feature traditional Dutch food, but here are some of my favorites. The Pantry, near Leidseplein, is highly acclaimed as one of the best for traditional Dutch food. The Pea soup was incredible.

Best snack in Amsterdam, “Kibbeling”

The Seafood Bar’s Fish Soup and Calamari









The Pantry’s Hutspot

The Pantry’s Pea Soup











I am heading to Maastricht and the European Fine Art Fair, but no trip to Amsterdam would be complete without a visit to the world famous Rijksmuseum.




Vermeer’s Milkmaid

Swan by Jan Asselijn










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Author: Paul Parker

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  1. I love your enthusiasm and frankness, Paul. very happy for you appreciating and enjoying all the sensations, food, history and art.

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    • Thanks Gavin, I always appreciate your faithful following of my blog and your insightful comments.

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  2. Looks fantastic thanks for the updatev

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    • Thanks Sheryle, I alway appreciate seeing your comments.

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  4. Fabulous! I wish I was at the Rijkes and not here making hand sanitizer!

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