Paris First Impressions


I am so sorry about not doing a better job of keeping up with the blog and after you read this I hope you will understand. I have lots of pictures and good notes and I will catch up.

First know that I am having an incredible time in Paris. Every evening I come home and think about how I really have to write a blog or do a Facebook post about my amazing day at the Musee d’Orsay or walking down the Champs-Elysees or wandering around Montmartre or spending the afternoon in the Picasso Museum, but instead I decide to lie down for a while and gather my thoughts.

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When I get up and look at the computer I think maybe I should go down the street and get a bite to eat before I start writing. I wander into l’Avant Comptoir and Sylvain or Chloe immediately extend their arm between people at the bar and hand me a glass of Pouilly Fume or Sancere with a smile and an exuberant bonsoir!  Amidst the chaos of the place I find a space at the bar I can wiggle in sideways.  Soon I have made friends with the people on both sides of me and they have made a little space for me and I order some  Tartare de Boeuf, Chorizo, sautéed Duck livers,and that incredible Veau et pommes de terre (veal and potatoes) OMG. The next thing I know I am on my 3rd glass of that wine and I decide to finish up with some coffee flavored Creme Brûlée that is like none I have ever had. Have you ever slowly swirled Creme Brûlée around in your mouth because you knew when you swallowed it that eventually the taste was going to fade away?

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Soon I wander out and head up the street the short distance to my apartment. When I get there I realized it is 11 pm and I flop down on the bed and tune the TV to one of the 700 channels (really) and settle on an Algerian cooking show. The lady is speaking Arabic and there are French subtitles so it does not require a lot of concentration on my part because I can’t speak either so I can only wonder what that yellow powder is she is adding. As I doze off I think about how I really need to write a blog tomorrow.

Author: Paul Parker

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  1. Paris is so magical… sounds like you are having a wonderful time… enjoy…

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