On the way to Los Angeles for the L A Art Show

I have always loved road trips. Maybe it comes from the old days when my world was all about race cars. In 1972 I was working for a car owner in Sacramento, CA and the racetracks we traveled to were all over the United States. That season I made 5 round trips across the country from the west coast to the east coast and I had so much fun I actually considered the possibility of a career as a long haul truck driver. I will always remember the feeling of seeing one of those glowing truck stop signs elevated on a pole hundreds of feet in the air announcing the next 24-7 oasis promising coffee, food and fuel for another nearly empty gas tank.

I do think the true spirit and appreciation for the open road came from my father. It was not uncommon for him to pile Mom and my brother and I in the car on a Saturday morning and head south on Route 30. It was always an exciting adventure whether we ended up at a horse pull in Amish country or my first trip to New York City for the day with a ride down Broadway through Times Square past the Empire State Building then on to Chinatown and Battery Park for an unforgettable ride on the Staten Island Ferry past the Statue of Liberty. That was a glorious trip. Dad was the one that wired my brain in such a way that I will always associate traveling down the open road with thrills and new experiences.

Here are a couple of shots as I am pulling into Flagstaff, AZ after the first stretch of 6 hours and 400 miles on the way to Los Angeles. I think a walk around downtown and then dinner at “Karma Sushi” is in order before I turn in. I am planning to make it the rest of the way to L A tomorrow.


It is fitting that this first Blog is inspired by this journey to Los Angeles for Photo L A, the L A Fine Print Fair, the L A Contemporary Show in Santa Monica and the L A Art Show in the Convention Center because this blog will be all about my two biggest passions in life which are art and travel. Please stay tuned for more stories about this trip and my next adventure starting March 3rd when I am off to Europe for seven weeks including one month in Paris. I hope you will come with me.



Author: Paul Parker

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