I will Never Understand the Food in Paris

Every time I come to Paris I find myself somehow confused by the food. If you have been here I am sure you have tried to tell people about it or you have listened to people talk about the food here. Before my first trip to Paris I felt like “Yeh, I get it the food it good, but I mean how good can it be?”

Then I started eating the food In Paris and that is when I began to wonder. How do they do this? I have had ceviche before, I have had duck before, and I have had ice cream before, but none of those things I had before tasted anything like the ceviche, the duck and the ice cream I had last night at Semilla!

Look at the pictures and read the captions and try to understand why I walked out of that restaurant feeling like I had just experienced an incredible magic show as my brain pondered…how did they do that, how do they make things taste so good??

Citrous Shrimp Ceviche Floating in a Lemon Jelly

The “Duck” with Sweet Potato Puree and Polenta Squares with a dollop of Lemon Sauce









Adele Never Let my Glass Stay Empty

I Am Not Finished… Only Pausing









Fresh Herb Ice Cream with Chocolate Bits Protected by a Gel Umbrella Made with Chartreuse Liquor

I Do Not Want It To End, but I Do Not Want It To Melt










I’m heading south to Avignon, Arle, St Remy, Aix and Nice tomorrow…more later.













Author: Paul Parker

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  1. I like the simple things! They have a ham and cheese with an egg on top in this country but try the Croque Madame in Paris and it tastes a lot better and it is not just because of the name. they know the difference between cooking and cuisine!. When our son was little and we went to the simplest restaurant and, of course, the kid wanted what all kids want, a pizza. Afterwards, he declared it the “best pizza i have ever had” . That was right after complaining bitterly that there was nothing he liked!

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    • mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
      everything tastes better in paris!

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  2. Mouthwatering and I suspect half the price of anything similar (if there is) in Santa Fe?

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    • Well Gavin, this particular meal was not that cheap.

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  3. Looks like Modern Art has found you after all!

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